SCJFC Supporting the British Legion – 8th/9th November…

As Rememberance day approaches on Sunday 9th November Sale Communities JFC will be supporting the British Legion, I am sure you will all agree a very worthy cause and we need your support.

To mark the day all our kids will be wearing Poppies on their kits and any parent or coach can also get involved. The club has already purchased enough Poppies for the weekend and we are asking all members to donate £1 so we can double up our donation.

So, over the nest few weeks please make sure you give the kids a quid and give them to your team manager who will issue the poppies to you in the week leading up to the 8th and 9th November. We will also keep some in the cabin for coaches and parents to buy.

The Timperley League will be supporting the event by holding 1min silences before every league game over that weekend.

I hope you all agree this is a great way to support our armed forces and also a chance to increase awareness within the clubs kids of the British Legion and what they do.