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Training Session 1 – Counter Attacking

Key Coaching Points

  1. Pressing and Staying Compact
  2. Counter Attack
  3. Support Play


Pressing and Staying Compact

When defending, the team must stay compact and look to press at the right moment. Support behind the first player when pressing the ball.

Counter Attack

After winning the ball, players need to think, look, and play forward as quick as possible. Try and pass to the furthest player forward if possible. If not, pass forward, but speed and support is important.


When counter attacking, players need to support behind to the side and ahead of the ball. This helps maintain the attack with speed and purpose. Similar to a game situation

Set up the area as shown in the diagram.

  • Attacking (Blues) must only play in 2 thirds of the field
  • To score a goal, the team in possession must complete 10 passes
  • Defensive team (Reds) must have at least one player in the third on the right
  • Creating an 8v7 in favour of the team in possession
  • Upon Reds winning the ball, pass as quick as possible to a lone Red player.
  • Repeat so both teams practice Counter Attacking situations.
  • Duration: 4 minutes with a 2 minute rest. Repeat 3 times.
  • Outcomes: Movement, pressing, support and speed.

Training Session 2 – Recovery and Delay

Key Coaching Points

  1. Get into the line of the ball
  2. Reading the play
  3. Footwork Patterns
  4. Teach your players how to recover effectively


Get into line of the ball

Encourage players to get into the line of the ball to restrict passes through to the target players.

Reading the play

The player should try to read cues of the opposition to try and predict where the ball is going to be passed and what try of pass they will execute.

Footwork Patterns

Players should adapt their position to be in line with the ball to cut out any passes by being light on their toes and executing sliding footwork patterns.

Set up the area as shown in the diagram.

  • 9 Players as diagram shows – 6 Green and 3 Blue
  • 3 Teams: 2 Green players v 1 Blue player (each team has 1 ball)
  • 2 Green players to pass past the Blue player.
  • Blue player to try and stop the pass by reading the pass and keeping light footwork patterns
  • Progression: 6 Green v 3 Blue. 1 ball. Green players to pass to opposite Greens as above
  • Blue players require teamwork and communication to be effective in drill working
  • Duration: 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest. Repeat 3 times.
  • Outcomes: Movement, pressing, reading the play and speed.