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What do we do?

Support children’s development by providing a fun, safe and inclusive environment regardless of ability or background.

Simply put, provide a fantastic place to enjoy your football development!

Core Values





We place great significance that no individual is more important than another.

  • Actively encourage parents and carers to feel part of our club’s vision, ensuring children are enjoying football in a safe and fun environment.
  • We are passionate and 100% committed that football is for EVERY CHILD !
  • Great importance is placed on the development of players through football and social skills to help nurture into a rounded person/footballer.
  • From the committee to coaches, we are always available to discuss any aspects relating to our family run club.

How we play

Our Ethos is focussed on encouraging players to be creative, competitive and confident.  Either in or out of possession on the football pitch. (Part of the clubs 5C’s principal)

As a club we encourage freedom, expression and decision making to allow all personalities to shine and develop at our football club.

We coach our players in multiple positions.

Encourage players to progress the ball through the thirds of the pitch.

Provide a pathway between age groups with a holistic approach to moving players between teams.

How we coach

SCJFC uses the club 5C coaching principles underpinned by the FA 4 corner model

The 5 C’s:  Confidence, Creativity, Competence, Character, Competitive

  • Confidence – Promoted through progressive coaching and a positive environment.  Children are encouraged to be the best they can be, and always encouraged to be brave. Mistakes are ok !
  • Creativity – Children are encouraged to express themselves with the ball and this will be assisted by the challenging and fun coaching sessions.
  • Competence – Children will hone their skills in ball mastery, techniques and tactics with coaches always instilling belief in each individual ability.
  • Character – We recognise everybody is different and our children are encouraged to be themselves and their input is encouraged.  Through our football we allow our children to grow and mature.
  • Competitive – Win, lose or draw all children will be encouraged to work hard for themselves and for their team.

Coaching and team structure

We have development core football programmes for every age group, so the transition for players moving through the age pyramid within the club can be seen.

Finally, please enjoy your grassroots football as this is where it all starts. 

Don’t lose sight of the enjoyment it brings to young people and their journey developing into an adult.