The Sale Communities Junior Football Club was formed in May 2009 by members of the Sale Moor community. Supported by grant funding from the Sale Community Panel & Sale Moor Community Partnership, the club was formed to provide an affordable range of positive sporting activities for children and young people from all the communities in the Sale area. Our continuing aim is to create a happy and healthy community with more children given the opportunity to enjoy sports activities whilst developing valuable like skills.

The clubs development is led by the members and volunteers on the ground, this ensures the community feeling created within the club is sustainable, meets the needs of the community and is able to grow and achieve even better things in the future.

We developed and maintain a set of club rules, also known as a constitution, a Child Protection Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Parent, Coaches and a Children’s code of conduct. The Executive committee, club managers and members all actively promote and follow these rules. We have also developed a club ‘football development’ program to ensure that the Sale Communities JFC ethos of playing the game the ‘right way’ is consistent throughout all the ages and all the teams.

In 2012 a successful application to the Forever Manchester Community Foundation allowed us to develop the club and get additional equipment and kit for participants and secure our short term future. In 2016 the Sale Community Panel provided a grant boosting the clubs security allowing further development courses to be implemented for coaches and players. These grants ensured that every age-group now has a least 1 coach who is FA Level 1 qualified. We also have an FA Level 2 coach and coaches who have completed Modules 1 & 2 of the FA Youth Award which set out the correct, positive environments for teaching junior football and life skills. We will continue this development strategy for every coach and player that wishes to commit to the clubs future. We firmly believe in the circle of development turning our young people into confident coaches and referees for example. We also have a specific goalkeeping coach to ensure our club keepers receive focused training and are not simply left between the posts. Our team of coaches and football development volunteers are 100% committed to the clubs development and I can say without any doubt there’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer!

Sale Communities Junior Football Club is proud to be supported by several local business and community groups. Without this support from the community we simply would not be able to provide the services we offer to the members. All the sponsor details can be found on the Sponsors page so please take time to read about them and the services they offer.

We have created links with many local organisations with the aim of improving the community links across Sale. These include Sale High School, Walton Park Football Centre, Trafford Leisure Service, local greengrocers in Sale Moor village, Sale based physio services, local sport equipment suppliers and 2 of the big children’s nurseries based in Sale. Our aim is to promote and expand these community links wherever possible, get our community working together for the benefit of all.

Sale Communities JFC – Run by the community, in the community for the community.

Planning the League season 2020/21 for our Under 4’s – Youth is now underway, they are all members of the Timperley & District Junior Football League. Our Under 7’s & 8’s will play football at the JJB Soccerdome in Trafford, a great facility for all weathers and a great place to develop the passing game. Whilst focusing on basic skills and development our under 6’s also play regular friendlies against local clubs in preparation for the transition to match based football.

The club hopes to continue our success both on and off the field, but the future of the club depends on a committee of parents, participants & local business’s working together to benefit the whole of the Sale community. If you would like to get involved in the club please contact us using the details provided in the ‘contact us’ page.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read about us and I look forward to seeing you at training soon!

Jamie Chapman